Russian String Orchestra (Formerly: Chamber Orchestra Kremlin) offers a very wide choice of programming options. Presenters can select from preset programs or create their own, utilizing works from the orchestra's extensive repertoire or suggesting a new composition. There are options for soloists from the orchestra's ranks or invited, local or international. The program can be geared toward connoisseur or novice, feature a community/university choirs, be arranged thematically, include a world premiere, and much more.

Given enough advance notice, practically anything is possible. Four months before the tour the pool of compositions gets narrower. Presenters, who determine their programs closer to the performance date, will be selecting from repertoire already defined for the given tour. Yet they will have an option of selecting from the works which are “hot on the burner” and are of particular interest of musicians and their leader. In any case, there is always plenty to chose from.

Programs with standard repertoire:

Programs with very accessible repertoire:

For adventurous audiences:

Other programming options: