Depending on the constituency, needs of which are intended to be addressed by an outreach activity, they can be divided into three general categories:

  • Community at large - school concert, pre-concert talk to the audience, pre-concert rehearsal open to the audience and a Q&A session with Misha Rachlevsky afterwards, a short performance for a special group, be it donors or underprivileged.
  • Educational institution (college or university) - masterclasses on individual string instruments, given by Misha Rachlevsky or/and members of the orchestra; coaching for chamber groups, which can additionally involve piano and wind instruments; Misha Rachlevsky's work with a university orchestra (Kremlin's principals could assist in leading sectional rehearsals) or combining forces of the students (faculty) and the Kremliners, creating a special orchestra. Joining US winds and Russian strings could be especially effective. Yet more elaborate options could involve joint performance with the school's chorus or presentation of a composition written by the student or faculty member. Some of the above-mentioned options could be realized not only as an outreach event, but as a part of the main concert as well.
  • Recruitment targets- many of the elements of outreach activities implemented within the school can serve as an attractive recruitment tool, when presented to a group of potential students. A customized, targeted approach can be created in each particular case.


The Orchestra's visit can be extended to two-three days or longer, and given the Orchestra's twice-a-season USA tours, even a few periods during a year. Misha Rachlevsky is fluent in English, musicians of the orchestra communicate in good-to-limited level, providing a forum for cultural exchange beyond the music. Agenda of such residency is custom designed in each particular case and involves any number of the above-mentioned activities and more, greatly increasing the overall impact of the orchestra's visit at a modest additional cost. Also, a residency can be creative and powerful recruiting tool both, in the region and, given Chamber Orchestra Kremlin touring schedule, elsewhere in the USA and beyond. Inquiries are welcome