Chamber Orchestra Kremlin offers a very wide choice of programming options. Presenters can select from preset programs or create their own, utilizing works from the orchestra's extensive repertoire or suggesting a new composition. There are also various options for soloists.

A well selected program plays great part in the success of the concert. We believe, that by giving presenters a full spectrum of programming options we are providing them with a tool to better target their audiences, appealing to connoisseur or novice, young or mature, returning season ticket holder or someone walking in the hall for the first time.


The itinerary and programming of the two most recent USA tours (October 2015 and February-March 2016) are still on the opening page of website, giving a good example of touring repertoire. On the lighter side, there is also a humorous video-summary of the tour.


Given enough advance notice, practically anything is possible, be it from works already performed by the orchestra in its 24-year history (over 1,000) or new composition(s) prepared specifically for a given engagement. Certain selections are always "in hands" – Programs I-II-III with standard repertoire (below) are good examples of such "stock" programs, while less common repertoire requires more preparation time and needs to be determined earlier.


When a tour is getting near – say, 3-4 months -- the pool of compositions gets narrower. Presenters, who determine their programs closer to the performance date, will be selecting from repertoire already defined for the given tour. There is always plenty to chose from.

Programs with standard repertoire:

Programs with very accessible repertoire:

For adventurous audiences: 

Other programming options: