"Having been an ever-present attendee for the past 22 years, I wanted to see things from the other side and to bring to the Fringe an act that could stand alongside some of the amazing performances I have seen here over the years. In the wonderful musicianship, enthusiasm and charisma of Misha Rachlevsky and his renowned ensemble, I found the perfect answer to my quest. I hope that you too enjoy the experience and that it shows once again that music and performance art need have no geographical, or any other, boundaries."
Ken Climie, producer and principal sponsor of Misha’s Gang @ Fringe

A year and a half ago I was approached by Ken Climie, the owner of a wonderful Art Centre “Exposed” in Moscow, where we hold a cycle of concerts annually, with an offer to take the orchestra (my “gang") to the Fringe. The idea was very intriguing, and last August I made my first pilgrimage to Edinburgh with Ken, a regular visitor to the festival. From the very first walk in the city, yet before visiting any of the venues, I was already smitten by the sheer energy and exuberance in the air, which was nearly palpable. Like no place I could remember, I felt, and please pardon the unintended pathos, that I was witnessing the manifestation of what art is all about: lifting the human spirit. Yes, there is nothing revolutionary in this statement, but what did hit me there and then – every art form has a capacity for conveying the full spectrum of human emotions. The street clown could suddenly make it challenging for the spectators to hold back tears, while the stand-up comedian could trigger a very profound thought. Thinking of it made me once again count my blessings for being a musician – for it is still music, great classical music, that is indeed the best, the most direct and the most natural transmitter of emotions -- from lighthearted to profound, from humorous to intellectually stimulating, from energy-bursting to mesmerising. We’ll do our best to use the 70 minutes you are giving us to take you on a wonderful journey. I hope we'll succeed and you will come back for more! Happy Fringing!
Misha Rachlevsky, Founder and Music Director, RSO

AUGUST 4 - 12
17:30 - 18:40

The Prince Phillip Building
Hill Place
Click for tickets

AUGUST 14 - 26
14:45 - 15:55

theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall
Nicolson Street
Click for tickets

- Members of the orchestra are featured in solo concertos and virtuosic showpieces.

- Then there is a work, written specifically for the orchestra by Russian-Canadian composer Eskender Bekmambetov, entitled "For Misha's Gang”, where all 14 members take turns as soloists;

- And we also have "Russian Roulette", where a randomly selected member of the audience in turn selects a member of the orchestra to step forward and perform a solo composition.

So, Misha's Gang is made up of 14 soloists, right?

Well, yes and no. Misha's Gang is made up of 14 excellent musicians, who can perform solo as well as be a member of a section. And the difference is more than just "they sit and I stand":

The art of an orchestra member is to blend with his or her colleagues in the section in such a way that they all sound practically as a single instrument.

The art of a soloist is to soar above the orchestra, rule the stage and focus on oneself the attention of the audience.

The art of a musician is to be able to do both, to enjoy doing both…….and to share this joy with fellow musicians and the audience.

Welcome to a concert by Misha's Gang!

During the festival there will be some video
snippets of our concerts on our website and
on social media.

In September video recordings of
the complete performances of
RSO @ Fringe 2017 will be posted here.

Stay tuned!

Enquiries and further information:

Valerie Potter, Tour PR & Marketing, +44 7956 874590

Ken Climie, Producer, Misha’s Gang @ Fringe 2017, +44 7831 437712

Roman Levin, International Relations Manager for Russian String Orchestra

Misha Rachlevsky, Music Director, Russian String Orchestra, +7 985 210-4401

April 28 Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre
April 29 Henan Poly Art Center
May 1 Dalian Theatre
May 2 Zhuzhou Grand Theatre
May 3 Yat-sen Memorial Hall
May 5 Changsha Concert Hall
May 6 Shenyang Shengjing Poly Grand Theatre

A new, brilliant composition by Eskender Bekmambetov, "For Misha's Gang - Suite for small, medium, large and extra large fiddles" was premiered at the opening concert of the "Revolutionaries: The late works of Beethoven & Ginastera" festival at Trinity Wall Street in New York on March 3, 2016.

The first week of February we spent on a short tour of South Korea, ending with two concerts at Seoul's Sejong Center on February 7, Lunar New Year Eve. Appropriately, the last number of the program wasn't too profound...

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Much is being said about engaging concert audiences, and indeed, when done well, it is a win-win proposition. For years we've been offering "The Audience Vote!" concept, in which concertgoers have direct input into selecting the composition they will hear. Now we are taking it one step further, and it involves soloists being selected by the audience! The "test-drive", which took place during the sping 2015 USA tour, proved the concept's validity, and it is now being offered at upcoming concerts. Here is how it goes (5-minute video):